TSI GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Zeven, a small town in the north-west of Germany, in 1994. The first brand from the company’s portfolio was MEINE KLEINE KUH - trade mark of sweets that eventually became popular not only in the Germany, but in other European and Asian countries as well. Even in Australia MEINE KLEINE KUH gained its connoisseurs.

During 1995-2005 TSI GmbH & Co. KG expanded product manufacturing in instant products, spice, beverages segments etc.

TSI assortiment range in hot beverages segment presented with trademarks MASSIMO and VENESSA. Moreover, production of trademark Venessa fits great for vending, its assortiment range includes coffee and tea beverages and different soups as well.

MASSIMO assortiment includes a range of instant beverages - in portion sticks and big family packs as well.

You can download the catalog here.