J.J. Darboven (Germany) - “Long-standing company with its finger on the pulse.”

The main partner of VIA GmbH is a German company J.J. Darboven, that provides more than 85% of the imported products. J.J. Darboven is an owner of the group of brands, that takes a leading position in ‘out-of-home’ sector of hot beverages and successfully exports its production more than 50 years.

J.J. Darboven celebrated 150 years of its history in 2016. It became possible due to the company’s philosophy: Darboven is committed to fulfill the requirements of a highly business world, uses modern technical and technological possibilities and at the same time adheres to the product quality tradition.

Darboven is owner of such brands as Idee Kaffee, Café Intención, Eilles Kaffee, Alberto, Mövenpick and uses of course first-class green coffee sourced from the world’s best growing regions. Everyone can find the ideal product for himself due to the different coffee varies and roasting degree as well.

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