1. Reliability

We offer fair contract conditions and more than 20 years experience of distribution building for providing joint development and effective cooperation.

Careful approach and flexibility to each client allow us to maintain mutual beneficial and long-standing collaboration.

The company’s activity is focused on satisfying the client’s needs, complete problem solutions and providing high service and product quality.

2. Regularly replenishing assortment

One of the company’s principle is stable supplies a wide range of the high quality products, that will satisfy both the most demanding customer and a customer with limited budget. Equal representation of premium and budget production segments expands significantly our partners target audience.

3. Original product range

Via GmbH is official distributor of well-known European trade marks. Each supply passes strict control before getting shop windows. Our team conducts constantly marketing researches and that is why we introduce in the market only that products, that have proved themselves successfully among the European customers.

4. Trustworthy company

VIA Gmbh started its history in 2008 when the specialists with more than 20 years practical experience decided to join their forces to create large scale project.

Now the partnership network consists from hundreds companies from all Russian and Ukrainian regions. Besides, we plan to expand the distribution network in the Eastern Europe countries. A number of company’s retail stores, where all the imported products are available, are constantly increasing as well.

5. Joint growth and development

We provide our partners with the most comprehensive information and presentation materials. We regularly conduct advertising campaigns and introduce special offer to increase the customer loyalty. Our specialists’ marketing researches allow to satisfy the customer needs and meet the high business standards.

Maintenance and experience of the major European and global manufacturers of coffee, skin care and other FMCG products allow to build effective work for our partners.