The present Personal Data Privacy Policy (hereafter Privacy Policy) remains valid for all the information, which the given website, where the text of this Privacy Policy is available, can receive about a User, as well as for any available programs and products.


  • 1.1 The present Privacy Policy contains the following terms:
  • .1.1. “The Site Administration” – the Officers entitled to administer the Site, acting on its behalf, who provide and (or) implement personal data processing, as well as define objectives for personal data processing, the composition of personal data to be treated, and activities concerning these personal data.
  • 1.1.2. “Personal Data” - any information concerning directly or indirectly to a particular or identifiable individual. (Personal Data Subject)
  • 1.1.3. “Personal Data Processing” - any action (operation) or set of actions (operations), involving automation equipment or without them, regarding to Personal Data, including collection, record, systematizing, accumulation, storage, clarification (upgrade and change), extraction, usage, transfer (distribution, delivery, access), depersonalization, blocking, removal and destruction of Personal Data.
  • 1.1.4. “Personal Data Confidentiality” - a binding requirement for the Website Administration to prevent any its deliberate exposure without the consent of the data subject or until there is another legitimate reason.
  • 1.1.5. “Site user (hereafter “ a User”) – an individual with access to the Site via the Internet who uses the given website for their own purposes.
  • 1.1.6. “Cookies” — a small data fragment sent by the web-server and stored on a user’s computer. A web-client or a web-browser passes it along to a web-server in HTTP request when attempting to open a page of a particular site.
  • 1.1.7. “IP-address” — a unique host network address in computer network built using an IP protocol.

  • 2.1 The website is only available for persons over 16 years of age.
  • 2.2. By using this website, a User accepts the present Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Personal Data Processing.
  • 2.3. In case of disagreement with the Conditions of the Privacy Policy, a User should discontinue their use of the given Site.
  • 2.4.The present Privacy Policy is only applied to the given site. The Site Administration has no control and cannot assume any responsibility for third party websites which a User can visit via links available at the given Site.
  • 2.5. The Site Administration does not verify the validity of the Personal Data which a User provides.

  • 3.1. The present Privacy Policy establishes The Site Administration obligations on intentional non-disclosure of Personal Data, which a User provides for diverse inquiries of the Site Administration (e.g., when registering, placing an order, subscribing for a Newsletter, etc.).
  • 3.2. Personal Data, allowed to process within the terms of the present Privacy Policy, are provided by a User by filling in the special required forms on the Site and usually include the following information:
  • .2.1. A User’s full name;
  • .2.2. A User’s contact number;
  • 3.2.3. A User’s e-mail;
  • 3.2.4. A User’s residence place and other data.
  • 3.3. The Site Administration also takes some efforts on protection of Personal Data automatically transmitted during the visits of the Site pages: IP-address; information from cookies; information on a browser (or a different program providing an access to the Site); access time; the URL of the visited pages; the referrer (the previous page address) etc.
  • 3.3.1. If Cookies are disabled, a User can lose access to the Site.
  • 3.3.2. The Site gathers statistics on its Users’ IP-addresses. The present information serves with a view to identifying technical issues, to control the validity of the ongoing operations.
  • 3.4. Any other Personal Data not mentioned above (the Purchase history, usable browsers and Operational Systems, etc) is not the subject of intentional disclosure, except as specified in 5.2. and 5.3. of the present Privacy Policy.

  • 4.1. A Site Administration can deploy a User’s Personal Data for the following purposes:
  • 4.1.1. Identification of the User registered, on the Site, to place an order and (or) to conclude the Contract
  • 4.1.2. Providing an access for a User to the personalized website services.
  • 4.1.3. Obtaining feedback with a User, including notifications, inquiries regarding usage of the Site, service delivery, a User’s order and request processing.
  • 4.1.4. Defining a User’s location to ensure the safety and prevent fraud.
  • 4.1.5. Confirmation of the validity and completeness of the Personal Data provided by a User.
  • 4.1.6. Creating an account for purchases, if a User has agreed to create an account.
  • 4.1.7. Notifying a User of an order status.
  • 4.1.8. Processing and receiving of payments, confirmation of the taxes or tax incentives, payments disputing, determining eligibility for a credit line for a User.
  • 4.1.9. Providing an effective customer and technical support in the issues related to the Site Usage.
  • 4.1.10. Providing to a User with his consent, upgraded products, special offers, information on prices, Newsletter, and other information on behalf of the Site or its partners.
  • 4.1.11. Implementation of the advertising activity Осуществления рекламной деятельности with a User’s consent.
  • 4.1.12. Providing an access for a User to third-party sites or services of the present site partners with a view to obtain their offers, upgrades or services.

  • 5.1. A User’s Personal Data processing is provided with no limit on time, by any legal means, including information systems of personal data involving automation equipment or without them.
  • 5.2. A User agrees that the Site Administration may transmit the Personal Data to third parties, particularly to courier services, postal services, and telecommunication carriers, solely to meet a User’s requests, initiated on the Site, within the contract of a public offer.
  • 5.3. A User’s Personal Data may be transmitted to competent state authorities only for reasons and in accordance with a procedure prescribed by a law.
  • 6. COOKIE
    We use cookie files identifying your browser or a device. They collect and store data when visiting our Site on how you use it.

  • 7.1. The user undertakes to:
  • 7.1.1. Provide a credible and reliable information on Personal Data, necessary for the usage of the Site.
  • 7.1.2. Update or supplement an information on Personal Data in case of changes.
  • 7.1.3. Take measures to safeguard access to their Private Data stored on the Site.
  • 7.2. The Site Administration undertakes to:
  • 7.2.1. Use the received information solely for the purposes mentioned in paragraph 4 of the present Privacy Policy.
  • 7.2.2. Not disclose a User’s Personal Data except as specified in 5.2. and 5.3. of the present Privacy Policy.
  • 7.2.3. Block Personal Data, concerning a particular User, from the initial contact or request of a User or his legal representative, or a designated agency for the protection of the rights of the data subject for the verification period in case of detection of unreliable Personal Data or improper actions.

  • 8.1. The Site Administration is responsible for intentional disclosure of a User’s Personal Data in accordance with the current law, except as specified in the 5.2., 5.3. and 7.2. of the present Privacy Policy.
  • 8.2. In case of loss or disclosure of a User’s Personal Data, the Site Administration has no responsibility, if the present information:
  • 8.2.1. Had been made public before its loss or disclosure.
  • 8.2.2. Was obtained by a third party before the Site Administration received it.
  • 8.2.3. Was received by third parties through unauthorized access to the Site files.
  • 8.2.4. Was disclosed with a consent of a User.
  • 8.3. A User is responsible for legitimacy, credibility, and reliability of the given Personal Data in accordance with the law in force.

  • 9.1. Before commencing court proceedings based on disputes, arising from relations between a User and the Site Administration, the submission of a claim (a written proposal on a voluntary dispute settlement) is obligatory.
  • 9.2. The claim recipient shall, within 30 calendar days of the reception of the claim, notify the claimant of the outcome.
  • 9.3. If an agreement cannot be reached, a dispute will be submitted for consideration by a judicial body in accordance with the law in force.
  • 9.4. The present Privacy Policy and relationships between a User and the Site Administration comply with the law in force.

  • 10.1. The Site Administration may change the present Privacy Policy without the consent of a User.
  • 10.2. A new Privacy Policy shall enter into force upon its publication on the Site unless otherwise provided in the new version of the Privacy Policy.

    The Scope

    «Via GmbH», its affiliated and subsidiary companies are striving to make your experience of online interaction with our websites as informative, relevant, and useful, as possible. One of the ways to achieve it is by using cookies on your computer. We consider it to be very important that you should know which cookie files our site uses, and for what. It provides security for your privacy while being user-friendly at the same time. You can learn more below about cookie files, which the website and its representatives or partners use, and about the purposes that they serve. This is our privacy statement including the use of cookie files and is not a contract or agreement.

    What are cookie files?

    The cookie is a small data file which is placed on your computer in a web browser when visiting any webpage. Cookie file itself doesn’t contain or collect any information, but when a server reads it with a web-browser, a file can simplify the usage of a service for a user, discovering errors, for example. We don’t save cookie files longer than needed.

    For the fullest experience with our website, you should keep the permission for cookie files creation activated. If you choose to ban the cookie files creation, you can still use the site search, but some options can be limited.

    This information is given as one of our measures to ensure the compliance with recently added legislation and to show our honesty and clarity regarding cookie files and privacy. Please refer to VIA’s Privacy Policy for some additional information no privacy.

    How do we use cookie files?
    You could notice different types of cookie files, being created when visiting the present website. We use four types of cookie files: Functional cookie files; Analytical cookie files; Advertising cookie files; Social media cookie files.

    Functional cookie files
    Such cookie files are necessary to enable VIA’s site(s) search and use such site features as access to protected parts of the site. Without these cookie files such options, including Shopping cart and E-payments, are impossible.

    We can use such cookie files for:
    Verifying the authenticity of users by reference to a secure log-in; Memorizing products that you add to your Shopping cart while purchasing online; Memorizing the information you put on different pages when paying or ordering, which prevents you from filling up again the same fields in the forms; Transferring the information from one page to another when filling in the long form or a large number of data in online orders; Memorizing preferences, such as language, location, number of search results, etc.;

    Memorizing settings for the best video-content reproduction, including the buffer size and your screen resolution characteristics; Reading your browser settings to ensure demonstration of our website best suitable for your screen; Detecting the misuse of our website and resources by indicating several recurring failed attempts to authorize; Downloading our website smoothly to remain its steady accessibility; Offering the authentication details memory options to spare you from entering it every time; Creating the possibility of publishing the feedback on our website

    Analytical cookie files
    Such cookie files collect information on our website user’s search activities, such as most visited pages and receiving error messages by users. It allows us building a structure, navigation, and the site content as much friendly for you as possible. We do not match statistics and other reports to specific individuals.

    We can use such cookie files:
    Recording the number of visitors to our web pages; Capturing the length of time a user spends on our web pages; Determining the order in which a user visits different pages of our site; Assessing which parts of our Site need improvements; Site optimization.

    We can use such software as Google Analytics for analyzing the statistics of the page usage, user’s interaction with the page, and ways to navigate along our site. These points are known as “web metrics” or “analytics”. “Google Analytics” is a service to analyze the Internet, which is provided “Google Inc.” Google Analytics uses cookie files for analyzing site usage. Google uses aggregated statistics to provide Via the vision of users’ behavior on the Site. Basing on the principles of the Dutch Data Protection Authority, we made Google Analytics more friendly in terms of privacy protecting through:

    Providing a "Data Processing Agreement" with Google;
    Activating IP-address anonymization in Google Analytics; Ensuring that Google has no access to the information. Google can provide this information to third parties only if it is required by law, or to the extent necessary in these data processing on behalf of Google.

    Advertising cookie files
    Our goal is to provide the most relevant information for our Site visitors. That’s why we’re striving to adapt our Site to every user’s needs. We provide it through both preparations of the website content and demonstrated advertisement. In order to accomplish this adaptation, we are striving to get the full picture of your interests, basing on VIA’s websites, to develop a segmented user’s profile. Grounding on these interests, we adapt the content and advertisement on our websites to different types of consumers.

    We use cookie files to:
    We use cookie files to: Account an advertisement already shown to you, not to display you all the same; Record the volume of visitors who clicked an advertisement; Account a volume of orders obtained through advertising; Record the websites you’ve visited, which results in studying your interests; Check if you clicked an advertisement; Inform on your search method to reproduce it on other sites; Use third parties’ services to show you the ad; Show more interesting advertisement basing on your social media behavior.

    Even if such cookie files are not used, please consider that our website will show you an advertisement; but this advertisement won’t be adapted to your interests. Such an advertisement may be, for example, modified according to the site content. You may compare such a relevant ad to a TV ad. For example, if you watch a TV program about cooking, in its breaks you’ll often see an ad about goods for cooking.

    Third parties who set cookie files via our site may try as well determine your interest the same way. In this case, information on the currently viewed website can be combined with information on previous visits to different, not our, websites.

    We use cookie files to:Social media cookie files:
    Articles, photos, and videos being viewed on our website - all these you can share and put “Likes” via social media, using an appropriate button. Social media cookie files provide activation for buttons when you want to share an article or a video. These cookie files allow: Users who authorized in some social networks, to share and put ”Likes” on particular content directly from our site. These social networks may as well collect your personal data for their purpose. Via doesn’t affect how these social networks use your personal data. For more details on cookie files, placed by them and on potentially collected information, please refer to their privacy statements. Below is the list of privacy statements of the basic social networks which are mostly used by Via: Facebook Google+ Twitter Pinterest YouTube Your choice Via places functional and analytical cookie files in the process of your movement within our website. Only after your acceptance, Via applies cookie files which are not critical to provide other Site options (Advertising and Social media cookie files).

    How to control cookie files
    You can control and/or delete cookie files as you wish – for more details, refer to You can delete all the cookie files, which already exist on your computer, as well as select preferences in the most of web browsers, which originally prevented from placing cookie files. If you choose this, you can manually set some preferences at each visit to a website, but some services and options may not work.

    Policy change
    Time to time we can change the present Via’s policy concerning cookie files. In this context, we recommend you to periodically review the given Policy. Questions and feedback Please send us your questions and comments on cookie files or privacy to: ...

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